Mother Nature's began with a belief in fresh, healthy ingredients combined for an authentic and delicious culinary experience without compromising on quality. Over 30 years later, our values remain the same.


Owners Elie and Maria Elmajian built Mother Nature's on the idea that it is possible to provide both healthy and tasty fast food without compromising on quality.

"We believe in nutritious, sustainable and delicious food as the first step of the culinary journey, and we apply these principles with stubborness and passion." - Elie Elmajian

From their humble beginnings that started in 1985 at 20 Charlotte Street, a 28 seat space with 3 employees, Mother Nature's is now proud to employ over 45 full-time individuals among 3 locations. Maria's outstanding culinary work is supported by Elie's large scale, state of the art bakery that supplies thousands of pita packages throughout the Maritime provinces 7 days a week.


Mother Nature's proudly serves unique, homestyle recipes made fresh at our main location. From our signature salad dressings and wholesome pita bread to a varied assortment of desserts, Mother Nature's believes in fresh, healthy ingredients put together from scratch for an authentic and delicious culinary experience. Over 30 years later, our values have remained the same.