Baked for 19 seconds at a temperature over 1000°F, the dough is forced to separate and rise. Once removed from heat, the air is released and it deflates into a warm, fresh pita to be pulled apart and savored.


In 1985, Mother Nature's stood as Saint John's very first pita bread bakery, a tiny operation with little equipment in a mere 400 sq ft space.

Baking our pita in the early days consisted of mixing ingredients in a small Hobart mixer, cutting the dough with an archaic divider and shaping it manually. The process was so labourious that work days consisted of 15 straight hours in extreme heat generated by an oven that exceeded 1000°F.

After a long struggle to convince bakery managers that pita bread would be a success in Saint John, Elie began delivering approximately 50 pita packages a day to a few local businesses in his small 1978 Ford Granada.


Over 30 years later, Mother Nature's is home to a 3,000 sq ft state of the art bakery operation. The machinery is capable of producing thousands of pitas per day in a flawless assembly line operation. Multiple cargo delivery trucks travel throughout the Maritime provinces to supply the freshest pita bread the East Coast has to offer. Three decades later, Mother Nature's has served the Maritimes with over 15 million pita packages, and we're still counting.